Pickerman Chandler

We provide the best chandler service!

Supplying provisions

We are responsible for providing provisions, including food, water, and other necessary supplies to vessels, both at port and at sea.

Providing equipment

We are responsible for supplying equipment, such as ropes, cables, rigging, and other hardware, to vessels.

Handling fuel

Pickerman services is also responsible for supplying fuel, including oil, diesel, and gasoline, to vessels.

Providing maintenance services

Our chandler responsible for providing maintenance services, such as repairs and cleaning, to vessels.

Managing inventory

Pickerman Chandlers are responsible for managing the inventory of supplies, equipment, and fuel, and ensuring that everything is properly stocked and accounted for.

Billing and accounting

We are also responsible for billing the vessel for the goods and services provided, and maintaining accurate accounting records.

Procurement and training

Pickerman services offers training to people who are interested in our chandler services we provide.

Overall, Pickerman chandler plays an important role in supporting the operations of vessels at sea, by providing the necessary supplies, equipment, and services required for their safe and efficient operation.

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